Tree Listing

Prices - Our prices are F.O.B. Austin Tree Farm, Inc. They reflect current market conditions and are subject to change without notice.

Terms - All sales are cash, unless credit is arranged in advance. All credit accounts are due 30 days from date of delivery. Past due accounts will be subject to a 1.5% monthly service charge (annual rate of 18%) until the account is paid in full. Add additional 15% to catalog price if purchasing less than $1000.00 minimun.

Delivery - We use tandem trailers from a reputable trucking company to deliver each order to its destination. We arrange reasonable trucking rates, payable to the driver upon delivery. Customers are welcome to pick up merchandise at Austin Tree Farm. Loading help will be available.

Our Drivers DO NOT Unload!

Warranty - We exercise diligent care to keep all stock offered for sale true to name and in good condition when it is shipped. Should any prove to be otherwise, it is mutually agreed that we are not liable for any amount greater than the original invoice price. We assume no liability for delay or failure to deliver caused by weather or any other condition beyond our control.

Claims - Must be made immediately upon receipt of the merchandise. If any error has been made by us, please notify us promptly, and we will gladly make the adjustment. We do not guarantee our plants to live. Our responsibility ends when delivery is made. Any damaged trees should be placed back on the truck and credit taken off the invoice.

Service - Austin Tree Farm, Inc. is proud of its high quality service. Each and every order receives our personal attention. We would appreciate the opportunity to fill your order.